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Leading with Confidence: 4 Strategies for Combatting Imposter Phenomenon

Download this interactive worksheet for daily strategies on overcoming imposter phenomenon.

Lead Magnet Form - Imposter Phenomenon Guide

Embracing Authentic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Cultivating Vulnerability in Just 1 Week

Download this daily guide to becoming a more vulnerable leader.

Lead Magnet Form 4 - Authentic Leadership (#6)

Breaking Barriers Together: Finding a Supportive Network as a Leader of Color

Download this interactive worksheet to identify your professional network today.

Lead Magnet Form 3 - Breaking Barriers

From Self-Doubt to Success:
How Leaders Can Harness Courage and Tenacity in Toxic Workplaces

From self-doubt to success, download these 10 strategies for harnessing courage and tenacity in toxic workplaces
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The Self-Promotion Playbook:
How To Build Your Personal Brand at Work

Brand Yourself! Download this checklist for building a personal brand at work.

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